We are Hausborn

A creative design studio based in South Africa.

About Us

Hausborn is a remote team of professionals. We build brands and strong online identities for our clients.

We have clients in South Africa, United Kingdom, United States and the Arab Emirates. Working with so many diverse people and markets brings its challenges but through this we have cultivated a standard that is now used for all our clients.

Hausborn is run by Jonathan Linden, managing director, yet also the first employee of the business. He has a passion to treat all equally and use kindness over dictation which lends to his teaching and business approach.

Jonathan Linden has over 10 years of experience in creating brands and impactful online identities, he has a passion to push boundaries and cultivate an everlasting relationship with clients. Jonathan works closely on every project to make sure only the best is sent out to the world with the Hausborn name on it.