Opel Adam

Opel Adam

Opel Adam
Date: October 18, 2014
App, Design, Development

Your cars character just got bigger, with you in it.

As the new Opel ADAM was being launched in Germany, they discovered that due the large amount of configurations for the vehicle, demo floor managers weren’t getting enough time to teach their team about the car functions, features and what made each feature unique from the next. On top of this the ADAM was to be a revolutionary vehicle for the young at heart, savvy of us. This generation of car buyers needed more interaction with their purchases so will the think tank at Hausborn the Opel ADAM Configurator was born.

The Result
Users could pick their favourite style and configure the car to their choosing at the end of the journey they were given an option to share their unique creation which boosted Opel Germany Social Media influence that year by 24%.

Later the following year the App won an award for it ingenuity and innovation of being the 1st Product Configurator at that time to not harness flash in-order to provide the user with animation and a rich journey.


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